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SIGMA IT Knowledge into practice
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Cisco Learning Credits (CLC)


Are You Ready To Get More Out Of Your Network Investment ?


Cisco® Learning Credits are a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage Cisco authorized training. They are pre-paid training dollars that are converted into units called “Credits”. They can be used to pay for Cisco training with Sigma IT as an authorized Cisco Learning Partner.


Cisco Learning Credits make it easy to include training when you order. Procuring the required training for your organization need not be an afterthought to your technology purchase. You will be able to define your networking and training needs concurrently, allowing you to purchase high quality training, here are some of benefits you may get when using Learning Credits:

• Secures Training Budget.

• Increases Productivity and Technical Competency.

• Ensures highest quality of training, through authorized Cisco Learning Partners.

• Increased Competitive Advantage.

Do you know that you can redeem your CLCs with Sigma IT ?  (the Cisco Authorized Learning Partner inMiddle east & Africa Region)

You can redeem your Learning Credits through Sigma IT as a participated Learning Partner and benefit from the following advantages:

• Latest Authorized Content.

• Cisco Authorized Instructors

• Strict quality guarantee managed by online evaluation system.

• Practice labs using latest Cisco equipment .

• Comprehensive learning needs and skills-gap analysis.

What can I buy with Cisco Learning Credits? 

Cisco Learning Credits are used as a method of payment to purchase Cisco training from one of authorized, participating Cisco Learning Partners. You can also use the Learning Credits for all training leading up to the exam for Cisco Certifications. Exam vouchers or payments to the testing center are not covered by Learning Credits.

How can I get Cisco Learning Credits?

If you are able to purchase directly from Cisco, or if you purchase through one of the Cisco Value Added Resellers, Cisco Learning Credits may be purchased along with your equipment, or as a standalone order, with part numbers and pricing listed on the Cisco Global Price List.

Who can help me to determine how many Learning Credits I will need?

Participating Cisco Learning Partners offer a service called “Training Needs Assessment”. This consultative, complimentary service can help you identify your network training needs and develop a training plan.